How I became an invest-a-holic.

How did I become an Invest-a-holic.
I thought you would never ask. Well, it started back in December of 2015. I went to an event called Date with Destiny by Tony Robbins. My husband and I went for 6 days to sunny Florida to improve our relationship, so I thought. I had some credits from a package I purchased years before and I wanted to use them. After, 18 hour days of dealing with my inner issues I discovered that my biggest problem is how I handle my money.
I left that event determined to get better. I was tired of feeling in the dark and ashamed of what I had neglected for so long. How could I have come this far with success but know so little about money?
I started with buying books about money. I would simply google “money books” and so many would come up. Most of the time I would buy the audio version. I would go on long walks, pray and listen. One book would lead me to the next and then I found experts on podcasts.
I spent 75% of my day listening, taking notes and watching YouTube videos. This led me to looking for experts. I started asking wealthy friends questions about what they did with their money. At this point I knew that the advice in every book and all around me was the fact that wealthy people invest their money.
My assistant at the time use to work for a major company, where she did the investing for their clients. I asked her if she could help me understand how investing works. When we were done I was confused. She couldn’t teach me and thought it would be best to look for a financial advisor.
For weeks, I did interviews. After each interview, I left feeling like I wasn’t comfortable. One thing that was similar, was that everyone said they would start by opening a SEP for me because I was a small business owner.
I felt like each person was qualified but there was something about losing control over my money that caused me to pause. Not to mention, I had given control to a so called credible person before who stole $330,000 from me. That’s another story for another day. However, you see why I was so afraid to hand over my money again.
On Feb 2016, I started my first account. It was the SEP (Self Employment Plan) and my first investment was $25,500 that I put into the S&P 500 mutual fund (Top 500 companies in the US). 13 accounts later and investing multiple six figures, I’m happy to say I learned how to do this on my own.
Most people need to learn the basics. I created a course called “HOW TO OPEN YOUR ACCOUNT AND BUY YOUR 1ST INVESTMENT”. If you are just beginning this course is perfect for you. You will watch me go online and open an account. Then you will watch as I pick the perfect 1st investment to buy online.
This course is discounted 50% off for the 1st 70 people who purchase it. You can get it for $27.
I wanted to help more entrepreneurs like myself who want to invest, they just don’t know where to start and who to trust.
The Girl Investor